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Pat the Super Hero
25 March
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Oh goody.
80s cartoons, absinthe, adult swim, alex naked, apples, audio engineering, awkward people, beautiful things, being a fucking moron, bennett, big hair, billy corgan, black sabbath, blue, breakfast, bubbles, c.u.n.t., cake, cartoons, cats, chai, cheese, cheesy horror movies, cheesy slasher flicks, chocobos, cinnamon rolls, clicky sounds, cock, composing, crayons, crying, david pajo, daydreams, directing, djali zwan, dnd, dogs, don bennett laford, drawing, dreamers, drums, duck tales, earthworms, editing, everything, eyebrows, fife, fight club, final fantasy, flattened 5ths, flogging molly, flowers in general, food, friends, god, gooseface, greek orthodoxy, guitar, hair, harnmaster, having fun, high e strings, hugs, innocense, intrests, jake's mom, java chip, jimmy chamberlin, jimmy eat world, kisses, konat, lighting, listening to music, loudermilk, love, making movies, making out, mario, mario bondage, mario land, mario naked, matt sweeney, mayonaise, messin' people up, mormons, mullets, music, my blue octopus, my pajamas, naked pictures of me, ninjas (hiya!), nudity, octave chords, oranges, oreos, orgasm, paper, pasta, pat, peaches, peanut butter, pears, penguins, pens, people watching, piano, pickles, plastic, playing music, pornographic audio, queen, rain, recording music, recording sound, rocky horror, romance, seattle, sex, shiny objects, shotty, siamese dream, smashing pumpkins, sparkly things, spongebob squarepants, spycraft, strange noises, super mario, super mario all stars, super mario land, super mario rpg, super mario world, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the circumcision war, the milk machine, the smashing pumpkins, the white stripes, trogdor, true poets of zwan, vampires, warm things, water, weezer, whooshy sounds, writing nonsense, you, your body parts, zero, zwan, ,